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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Simple Guide For Muay Thai Tips and Tricks

Muay Thai Tips/Tricks

In my belief Muay Thai is a very complex and focused sport but learning the basics is like taking the first grade of school or first day of work it’s starting your path to mastering it.

First is getting in the right mind set whether it is for training, sparing or a real fight you need to be ready for what’s to come, loose and stretched in other words limbered up. Then to be focused on what your opponent is doing and how you will react to their actions, you can’t be expecting to walk away from a fight after not being hit once; you need to be able to take a hit and not to flip out in rage. Rage is one of the worst mind set to be in, yes you do get an increase of adrenalin however you get sloppy, waist energy and perhaps the worst thing lose your focus. Being focused though is not the only important thing, respect in your fighting gym is another big thing, you must respect all of the other fighters/learners there like they’re family, give them pointers and listen to them back (this also includes your opponents in the ring you are not enemies after the fight always remember that).  Another thing is also not to get cocky or go looking for fights on the street like my couch taught me you use your fighting skills in the ring and as a last option to defend yourself outside the ring.

Secondly to last a whole fight in a ring, octagon or if it come to it on the street and to be able to do that you must be fit. As every website about getting fit, Muay Thai and other fighting techniques or gaining muscles will tell you fitness is the key to perfecting it. Muay Thai fitness training, and I won’t lie, is hard it involves running, weights, strengthen core, back, legs, wrist, arm muscles to make sure that they are stronger to make them more impervious to breaking or badly injuring them and finally having good cardio fitness.

 Thirdly now you get into the basics of Muay Thai which is the basics defence and offence moves. When learning these it is best to not learn all separately in my opinion it is best to learn in groups e.g. when learning how to punch at the same time learn how to block a punch, learn how to kick and learn how to check (block) a kick and so on and so forth. I won’t go into the basics of punching and kicking to much because it would take a while however you can learn more for you couch, other fighters/learners at your gym or even off YouTube videos  they can help a lot in that sort of area.

Finally is when you are actually having a fight in a ring or like a mentioned before if it can’t be avoided on the street is to remember these things. Be in the right mind set before stepping into the ring, keep your guard up and always be ready to defend yourself, keep your eyes on your opponents gloves, be able to take a hit, be light on your feet, remember your moves and how to perform them correctly, think of what your opponent is planning and how you will react and most of all stay focused on your opponent and the fight nothing else. In the ring your opponent is your enemy out of the ring he is just another person.

Follow this and you should be well on your way to mastering Muay Thai however I am not saying this will get you there straight away or even saying this is a set up to becoming ready to learn how to become a master, please do not read this expecting to be better it is a guide nothing more nothing less. The best thing you can do is read this take it in and then put it in practice when being taught by your couch or even tell them what you’ve read and listen to how they perceive the best way is, this is my opinion and do not go against your coachers on what they believe everyone has different methods. And don’t forget to stay focused on whatever it is because if you do you will surly get the best outcome.